Mountains Golden Jubilee

1994 Ch. Mare, bred by Alvin & Mary Hans, Willmar MN

Sire - Emerald's King John

            This 1969 chestnut was bred by Mrs. Orwin Osman of Emerald Acres Morgan Farm in Manteno, Illinois. She bred many good Morgans with her Emerald prefix from the late 1950’s into the early 1970’s. She was breeding for the typey old style Morgan and her horses were indeed of that look with good conformation. King John was sired by Big John, a 1961 son of Warhawk (Flyhawk x Sentola).  Warhawk was a good sized black baroque Morgan who had worked cattle on the Cross Ranch of Wyoming before returning to the Midwest to sire many more excellent Morgans noted for their good temperaments and stylish looks. His sire was Flyhawk, bred by J C Brunk, who was by the Old Midwest Family Go Hawk and out of the Daniel Lambert/Knox Morgan mare, Florette. The dam of Warhawk was Sentola, that great producing full sister to Jubilee King. Big John was bred by Ernest McElhinney, of Morning Sun, Iowa. He was a long time breeder of many excellent Morgans based on the horses from J. C. Brunk.

            The dam of Big John was Annie De Jarnette, 1951 ch. mare, bred by WW Chatterton of Wapello, Iowa, another long time breeder of good Morgans. Her sire was the Government Farm bred Haven, foaled 1937, who had 31 registered get in Iowa for various breeders. Haven’ sire was Delmont, by Ulysses, and out of the Saddlebred mare Ladelle. The dam of Delmont was Topaz sired by Mansfield, who was a full brother to Ulysses (Bennington x Artemisia) and out of Lady Lyndon who was pure Old Vermont breeding. Haven was a good looking solid horse who sired some good ones.

            The dam of Annie De Jarnette was June De Jarnette, a 1941 mare, also bred by Chatterton and having a pure old Brunk pedigree. She had 16 registered produce, many of them being excellent breeding horses. Her sire was Glendale, who was a double grandson of Galva (Billy Herod x Christa—Lambert & Old Vermont). Glendale’s sire Pongee Morgan was by Allen King and Glendale’s dam, Penala, was by Penrod who was a full brother to Allen King. The dam of June de Jarnette was Susette, out of Daisy Knox by Knox Morgan and out of Daisy de Jarnette. This bottom mare line, like all of Brunk’s mare lines, is generation after generation excellent producing broodmares. Susette’s sire was Raragraph by Jubilee King (Penrod x Daisette—Senator Knox x Daisy de Jarnette) and out of Nella (Allen King x Liza Jane—Knox Morgan x Double Daisy). Liza Jane was a true Blue Hen Mare, producing not only excellent sons who bred on but other Blue Hen Mares.

            Thus, Big John’s pedigree is ¾ the old Brunk breeding with the same horses repeated over and over again in that intricate dance of closebreeding so well done by J C Brunk.

            The dam of Emerald’s King John was Bonnie Mae, ch. 1954 mare bred by Theis Company, Dodge City, Kansas. The Theis Brothers bred some good Morgans as working ranch horses. In 1953, due to drought, they had to sell all their Morgans. J. Cecil Ferguson of Rhode Island, bought them all and shipped them east via railroad box car. He kept many of them and others were sold to other breeders. “Fergy” got these mares to bring stoutness, working ability, and leg bone, to the eastern horses who were already starting to loose those good traits. Bonnie Mae was by the Government Farm bred Triumph, another of the Government horses who went west to sire working ranch horses. His sire was Mentor and his dam was Damsel, who was out of the Brunk bred Florette (also dam of Flyhawk). Bonnie Mae had many good produce and was out of the great producing mare, Brown Mae, dam of 18 produce for several owners including Broadwall (Fergusen) and Wawaywanda. Photos of her from her Wawaywanda days show a stout, deep bodied, smooth and lovely mare. She had a pure Western Working Family pedigree being by Raymond S Sentney (from another Kansas ranch breeder) and out of Silver Mae, bred by Theis. The sire of Silver Mae was Roscoe Sentney by John Allen (Tehachapi Allen x Jane L—Linsley x Jannance, Old Midwest) and out of Boney L (Linsley x Jannace). This is yet another example of how those old Kansas ranchers also used closebreeding to make good horses. The dam of Silver Mae was Mae Morgan by Silver Ranger (Querido x Angelina—Sellman mare). Silver Ranger had 63 registered get and was a baroque and handsome Morgan. The dam of Mae Morgan was Betty Dean, by Dixie (Dixie Dan—Headlight Morgan—x Nellie Skinner—Headlight Morgan). Betty Dean was out of Dan’s Bess (Dan—Headlight Morgan—x Nellie Skinner). Betty Dean went on to be dam of many nice Morgans.

            The sire of Brown Mae, Raymond S Sentney, was by that ranch working stallion, Chocolate who was by Linsley and out of Lady Spar (Sparhawk—Old Midwest & Brunk—x  May Hudson—Old Midwest & Headlight Morgan). Raymond S Sentney was out of Skiner (Dixie x Dan’s Bess). “Pop” Sentney was a bit of a character and wrote some letters to The Morgan Horse magazine in the 1940’s about his working ranch Morgans and life in Kansas. A photo shows Chocolate working cattle on the Kansas range.

            Emerald’s King John brings together the two strong traditions of working Morgans with Brunk behind his sire and the Western Working horses of Kansas behind his dam. This was a tried and proven blend that was done over and over for decades by good breeders.


Dam—KMS Golden Sunshine

            This 1985 chestnut mare was bred in Minnesota and was sired by Four Winds Deacon, a 1975 chestnut also Minnesota bred who was by Bonnie Lee’s Charger, a 1964 chestnut also bred in Minnesota. The Bonnie Lee’s (also sometimes Bonnie Lee) prefix was that of Mona & R C Bonham who bred nearly 150 Morgans from the early 1960’s to the late 1980’s. They used the horses of their area and seem to have stayed with the older bloodlines until the late 1980s when they used some of the modern show lines to some extent. Charger had 27 get, mostly for the Four Wind prefix.

            Charger was by Colonel Jarnette a 1959 chestnut sired by Milaca Major (Mentor x Naïve), Government Farm bred who went to the University of Minnesota and was given their prefix. Colonel Janrette was out of Susette Jarnette (Whimpy x Susette). Whimpy was by Jubilee King and out of Gi-Za-Ne (Go Hawk x Liza Jane). Susette was by Raragraph (Jubilee King x Nella, out of Liza Jane). Susette was out of Daisy Knox. This cross of Government to Brunk was not done as often as Brunk to WWF, but it worked well when it was done.

            Charger was out of Sunflower Countess, a 1954 mare bred by South Dakota State College of Brookings SD. The college program bred some good Morgans for quite a few years using the Sunflower prefix. Countess was by Milaca Captain (Ranier x Pensy). Ranier had only 6 get and was by Mentor and out of Redfern (Bennington x Artemisia). Pensy was by Magellen (Goldfield x Topaz) and out of Ileana (Mansfield x Rosemere). This was intense Government Farm inbreeding, which, sadly, was not the result of the best use of this sometimes problematic tool. Countess was out of Maurcena L, a Kansas bred mare from Elmer Brown background. Her sire was Ranger L (Linsley x Lady Spar—Sparhawk x May Hudson) and her dam was Twinkle L (Linsley x Donbelle). This inbreeding was done by a master breeder and worked well. There is no doubt that the possible difficulties of the intense Government breeding behind Charger were well balanced out with the Brunk and WWF behind him.

            The dam of Four Winds Deacon was Sky View Tammie, a 1963 chestnut bred in Minnesota. Her sire was King Benn a 1946 stallion by Illini, a 1941 stallion of WWF and Brunk. Illini was by Rosco Morgan, that good sire, who was by Linsley and out of Lady Spar. Illini was out of Madel, another good Brunk broodmare, who was by Jubilee King and out of Tirzo (Go Hawk x Galva). The dam of King Benn was Whispering Winds who had a most interesting pedigree. She was bred by C J O’Neil of Illinois and the owner of Archie O (or maybe Archie O actually owned CJ). Whispering Winds’ sire was Dude De Jarnette, the 1919 chestnut bred by J J Lynes of Iowa, another breeder of many good Morgans. De Jarnette’s sire was Prince Dean and his dam was Ruperta. Prince Dean was by the handsome, baroque Dart who was by the also handsome and baroque Dude, who was also sire of some of Elmer Brown’s foundation mares. Dude was substantial, correct and definitely a Morgan. Dart was out of Bess Franklin (Chetco x Bessie—Old Vermont). Ruperta was by Jubilee de Jarnette (Daniel Lambert).

            The dam of Whispering Winds was Airy, a 1918 mare by Governor Chittenden who was by General Gates and out of Bessie (a different Bessie) by Denning Allen. Airy was out of Fairy by Lambert Chimes. This brings some different old line blood to today.

            The dam of Sky View Tammie was Sunflower Candy by Milaca Query (Mentor x Olivia) and out of Sunflower Topsy. Topsy was by Sunflower Prince by College Bud by Jigger by Varuna by Varagraph by Jubilee King. Varagraph was out of Herodona who was a double granddaughter of Allen King (full brother to sire of Jubilee King). Herodona was also a double granddaughter of Galva. Varuna was out of Gi-Za-Ne (Go Hawk x Liza Jane). Jigger was out of Rayrette by Jubilee King. Rayrette was out of Rugee (Go Hawk x Red Ruby—double Daniel Lambert). Most of these Brunk horses did not have many registered progeny (although one does wonder how many unregistered progeny there were) but they have proven to be important breeding horses with numerous descendents today behind many good old style Morgans.

            College Bud was out of Chestnut Beauty, a mare of Old Midwest and WWF. Her sire was Morgan Profile, who did indeed have a lovely Morgan profile as a photo has shown. He was by Selim and out of the dam of Archie O, Byrrh. Chestnut Beauty was out of Daisy L (Linsley x Lemax—Sparhawk x Bird Hudson). Lemax had 13 produce for Elmer Brown.

            The dam of Sunflower Prince was Sunflower Girl who was out of Twinkle L (Linsley x Donbelle) and by Ranger RM (Romanesque x Rocky Hazel). Rocky Hazel was by the Government Farm Rockwood (Bennington x Carolyn—Old Vermont) who did a nice job for Elmer Brown. Rocky Hazel was out of Hazel L (Linsley by Helen S by Headlight Morgan).

            Sunflower Topsy, dam of Sunflower Candy, was out of Grace Rosalie (Morgan Profile x Daisy L). Morgan Profile was also the dam of Chestnut Beauty seen above. Daisy L was another of those excellent Elmer Brown mares by Linsley. She was out of Lemax (Sparhawk x Bird Hudson).

            So Sky View Tammie had a good heritage of old Brunk and the Old Midwest Family along with some Elmer Brown WWF. This certainly offset the Government influence from the Milaca horse. Four Winds Deacon has a nicely balance pedigree of old Brunk, Old Midwest Family and WWF, with a strong dose of Government.

The dam of KMS Golden Sunshine was Vas Liz by Westcrest Silver. The Westcrest prefix was used by R. G. Morgareidge of Casper Wyoming; he bred many good Morgans in the 1960’s. At this point in time, there is no information on him but from the large number of horses he bred each year of that decade, it can be guessed that his horses were all turned out on the range and were raised as ranch horses. The sire of Bunny was Westcrest Silver (born 1960), bred by Ramul Dvarishkis, a long time ranch breeder of some very good Morgans. Silver had 112 registered get, many for Westcrest, many for his other owners, and many from visiting mares. Both of Silver’s parents came from the L. U. Sheep Co. ranch of Wyoming and they bring that excellent heritage of Brunk and Elmer Brown. Silver’s sire was Jubilee’s Quicksilver, sired by Flying Jubilee who made his fame as Ern Pedler’s horse. Ern was a master storyteller and wrote of his adventures hunting mustangs in the rough Utah desert mountains. A cover of The Morgan Horse magazine in the 1950’s or 1960’s showed Ern & Flying Jubilee jumping a very large downed tree in the mountains at 7000’ elevation. Flying Jubilee also sired many good using horses in Utah and for the LU Sheep Co. He was sired by Flyhawk and out of Juvina, a daughter of Jubilee King. Juvina’s dam was by Knox Morgan and out of Mrs. Lewis, a daughter of Charles Reade, that great stallion with the wonderful pedigree. Charles Reade was sired by a full brother to Daniel Lambert and was out of a daughter of Daniel Lambert. Charles Reade gave the Brunk horses trotting speed and toughness. The dam of Juvina was out of a daughter of Sentiment, who was by Major Reade (Charles Reade x Jubilee de Jarnette daughter) and out of Senata, that great foundation dam of the Brunk horses. Thus Juvina brought to Flying Jubilee a true heritage of Morgan type, toughness, sense and baroque style.

            Jubilee’s Quicksilver was out of Ailsa, by Senator Graham. He was by the good Brunk bred Senator Knox (Knox Morgan x Senata) and out of Fanita. Fanita was by the Government bred Tiffany (Mansfield x Klyona) and out of Benita (Knox Morgan x Ben’s Daisy). Ailsa was out of Sox, who was by Linspar (Linsley x Sparbelle—Elmer Brown’s breeding) and out of a Flyhawk daughter. Sox was typical of the early L U Sheep Co breeding—they bred their mares to Linspar, and then bred those daughters to Flyhawk. A photo from the ranch shows the two stallions, Flyhawk and Linspar wintering together in the same corral.

The dam of Westcrest Silver was Mountain Queen, another LU Sheep mare. She was by Plains King, bred in Kansas and from Elmer Brown breeding. His sire was the large, solid, tough Romanesque, bred by Richard Sellman of Texas. Romanesque was by Red Oak and out of a Headlight Morgan daughter with The Admiral (by Jubilee de Jarnette) as sire of the second dam. Plains King was out of Ella Linsley, daughter of Linsley and Lemax (Old Midwest Family & a cross to Headlight Morgan). Spruce, the dam of Sox was by Flyhawk.

Westcrest Silver carries an intense heritage of Brunk breeding along with that of Elmer Brown. All were being bred to be true working Morgans.

The dam of Vas Liz was Kathy of Dickie, by Chocolate Snooper by Jubilee’s Quicksilver, making Vas Liz the result of breeding the son of a good stallion to the granddaughter of the same good stallion. Chocolate Snooper was out of Glogold, by Prince Dandy whose sire was King De Jarnette, by Jubilee King and out of Deura (Senator Knox x Penala—Penrod). His dam was Box K Scarlett, a 1942 mare bred by Antlers Ranch of Wyoming. Her sire was Plains King and her dam was Syble, an unregistered mare by Night Tide and the second dam was Jane, also unregistered, but sired by Flyhawk. This was all the same horses that LU Sheep Co. used. One can assume that the Antlers Ranch and LU Sheep Co. were neighbors as other Antler Ranch horses were also from the LU Ranch breeding. This entire line comes from ranches that mostly ignored the mares; they were left to fend for themselves on the range so only the tough ones survived. Glogold was out of Ann Royal (Raragraph—Jubilee King x Nella-- x Sentola).Thus Glogold had Brunk based pedigree.

The dam of Kathy of Dickie was Genie by Sanborn by Agazizz (Juzan x Gizea). Juzan was sire of 99 registered Morgans, ever so many of whom went into the breeding ranks. His sire was Jubilee King and his dam was Liza Jane. The dam of Sanborn was Donbelle Allan, she by Tehachapi Allan (Querido x Tab—Sellman mare) and out of Donbelle, the good Old Vermont mare who was one of Elmer Brown’s foundation mares. The dam of Genie was Quita by Highview King (King De Jarnette x Sentola). Quita was out of Luxury by Night Tide (Tiffany x Glenalla—Allen King x Ruby Reade). Luxury’s dam was Mallow who was by Linspar (Linsley x Sparbelle—Sparhawk x Donbelle) and out of a Flyhawk daughter.

Kathy of Dickie was the result of many generations of breeding by the L U Sheep Co of Wyoming. They used in each generation Brunk bred stallions, thus while their breeding program did produce WWF Morgans, they were heavily Brunk based.

Vas Liz had a strong Brunk heritage with a good dose of Elmer Brown also. She was the result of many generations on each line of breeding for good solid working horses. KMS Golden Sunshine had much good breeding behind her and a strong heritage of Brunk and Elmer Brown, along with some lines back to the Old Midwest Family.


Mountains Golden Jubilee is a mare with a strong heritage of ranch Morgans behind her, and those ranch Morgans being based on Brunk and Elmer Brown. Some of the ranch breeding is close up in the pedigree bringing this heritage to this century.

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