TK Whiskey Kitten

 Vining Lamar, sire

This 1982 son of El Spartez helps to bring the old Western Working Family heritage of the early part of the Twentieth Century up into his century. El Spartez was foaled in 1956 and had Lamar in 1982. The sire of Spartez, El Cortez was foaled in 1937 and his sire, Romanesque was foaled in 1921. The listed breeder of Lamar was the owner of his dam but the real breeder was the ranch manager, Rosie O’Neil, an outspoken, hard working appreciator of the working ranch Morgan. El Spartez was bred in extreme Northern California and later moved to Oregon in an area of few Morgan mares. His early Morgan get were sparse & his later Morgan get were often from mares of eastern breeding. So this heritage in Lamar is rare & to be treasured.

 El Cortez will not be found in the registry volume by that name. He was registered in Registry Volume 5 under the name of Hiebert’s Challenge. The Hiebert Bros., of Kansas, bred working ranch Morgans. They must have bought his dam in foal because the breeder of El Cortez is listed as Elmer Brown, that foundation corner of the Western Working Family. In the July-August 1942 edition of The Morgan Horse is the following:

“July 27, 1942. … my Morgan stallion El Cortez. He is five years old, stands 15 hands, weighs 1,060 pounds, color, chestnut. … His name was changed from Hiebert’s Challenge to El Cortez by Roland G. Hill of Gustine. I got the horse from Mr. Hill last spring. He is well broke for stock and pleasure riding. He is the only registered Morgan stallion in Shasta County. There are five registered Morgan mares in this county which were bred to my horse. There are quite a few grade mares bred to this horse.” Signed by John C. Silva. This stallion had a bit over 40 registered get with only a few breeding on, probably because his sons were gelded for work and the mares just disappearing into an area with few Morgans.

The sire of El Cortez was the grand stallion Romanesque, Sellman bred by Red Oak and out of one of Sellman’s mares going back to the start of his program. The dam of El Cortez was Viola Linsley by the excellent sire Linsley and out of the great breeding mare Donbelle who was dam of so many excellent breeding mares for Elmer Brown and on down thru the generations. She was of the pure old Vermont breeding.

The dam of El Spartez was Princess Spar, 1938 mare bred by Roland Hill and by Sparbeau by Linsley and out of Sparbelle, a 1917 Elmer Brown mare by Sparhawk, of Old Midwest lines, and out of Donbelle. The dam of Princess Spar was Princess Sabab, a 1934 mare bred by the Hearst Ranch and owned by Roland Hill. Her dam was Princess Allan (Querido x Tab--Sellman) and her sire was a good working Arab. Thus, it is easy to see the close breeding behind El Spartez which helped to give him his own breeding strength.

The dam of Vining Lamar is Flick’s Emily. Bred in Oregon, this 1961 mare was by Shawalla Buck, who had about 150 registered get, mostly for the Shawalla prefix, but plenty for other owners. He was bred by Mr/Mrs E W Roberts of California, breeder of many excellent Morgans. His sire was Memphis Beau Brummell, also bred by the Roberts. He had only three get and only Buck bred on. The sire of Beau Brummell was Sparbeau, a 1930, Elmer Brown bred horse by Linsley and out of Sparbelle. The dam of Memphis Beau Brummell was Memphis Belle, another Roberts bred horse, she by Blackman and out of Belle McClure. Blackman was bred by R L Wellborn, also of Campo CA and owned by Roberts, then of Los Angeles (the Morgans must have made him move to the ranch!). Blackman was a handsome, upstanding correct Morgan of royal pedigree, being by Redman and out of Gojea. Redman was foaled in 1936, bred by the Hearst Ranch, and was sired by Mountcrest Sellman and out of Red Dot. He was pure Sellman breeding, coming to California in utero with his dam who was one of the first Sellman Morgans to come to California. Redman was sire of a large number of get, many of whom also were important breeding Morgans. This entire sire line was composed of excellent Morgans with breeding strength. Gojea was bred by J C Brunk and was by Go Hawk and out of Jeanne, by Knox Reade.

Belle McClure, dam of Memphis Belle, was bred by Roberts and was all Elmer Brown breeding. Her sire was Linsley Romanesque and that name tells the story. Her dam was Linsley Belle, whose name also tells the story. She went on to be an important broodmare for Roberts and leaves a lasting legacy today.

The dam of Shawalla Buck was Bettina Allen by Tehachapi Allen (Querido x Tab—Sellman). Bettina Allen’s dam was Delight L, yet another Elmer Brown bred by Linsley and out of Spry, who was by the Old Midwest Family Dude Hudson, a handsome & correct Morgan, and out of Donbelle.

And so Shawalla Buck carries a very strong source of Elmer Brown breeding to match that behind El Spartez.

The dam of Flick’s Emily is Shawalla Kitty who was by Silver Rockwood, Shaw’s (owner of the Shawalla prefix) foundation stallion. Silver Rockwood was bred by Robert Tynan of Nebraska, then owned by the Oglala Community High School of Pine Ridge, SD. He was by the Brunk Agazizz and out of May Rockwood, another Elmer Brown mare, by the government bred Rockwood and out of May Hudson, also bred by Elmer Brown. Shaw was a big man and wanted big rugged Morgans to carry him in the mountains. By using the stock he had, he usually got this sort of horse. The dam of Shawalla Kitty was Nespelem Betty, a 1948 mare bred by the Colville Indian Agency of Nespelem WA. Her sire was Chilocco Star, bred by W. P. Thornhill of Texas and owned by the Chiloco Agricultural School of Chilocco OK. His parents were Silver Ranger (Roland Hill bred—Querido x Sellman mare) and Racher (Silver Ranger x Dan’s Bess—inbred Sellman).

The dam of Nespelem Betty is Bonny Jean, bred by Thomas Adams of Montana. Her sire was Rosin, a Sellman bred by Red Oak. Her dam was Montana Maid, also bred by Adams, sired by De Jarnette Jr of Lambert breeding and out of an Old Midwest mare.

Vining Lamar’s entire pedigree is one of balance and consistency with a very solid legacy of working Morgans behind him.


Dam of TK Whiskey Kitten

Genou Rosita Margarita

This mare is out of a mare coming from the California branch of the Western Working Family. Her dam is Tia Margarita, a 1967 mare by Tio Lalo, a handsome and correct good sire. His sire was Mahan Field, bred by Roland Hill, and sired by Sonfield and out of Helen Mala, a Hill mare by Querido and out of the Sellman mare Hemala, dam of ever so many good ones.

Tio Lalo’s dam was Palomesa by Midnite Sun and out of Baby O. Midnite Sun was a handsome, upheaded, correct palomino bred by Merle Little of Monrovia California. He had few get and sadly even fewer bred on to today. His sire was the hauntingly correct and handsome Sun Down Morgan of pure Sellman breeding but bred in California by F A Fickert of Tehachapi, who brought the first of the Sellman horses to California in the very early 1920’s. Sun Down Morgan was by Raven Chief.

Dawn Glo, dam of Midnite Sun, was bred by the L U Sheep Co of Wyoming and was by Night Tide, a Brunk bred, and out of one of the LU Mares who typically went back to Linspar and Flyhawk.

The dam of Palomesa was Baby O. bred in the south San Joaquin Valley of California and her sire was the correct Will Rogers who came from the Midwest in a dispersal sale. He was pure Old Midwest lines. Baby O’s dam was Hilda, bred by Roland Hill and sired by the Brunk Pat Allen and out of a Sellman mare.

The dam of Tia Margarita was Gay Berta by the Government bred Gay Mac by Mansifield and out of Dewdrop. Gay Berta’s dam was Roberta Ro, a Roland Hill bred by Querido, also a Government bred, and out of Roboss, a Sellman mare by Red Oak.

The pedigree of Tia Margarita is another strong working ranch pedigree with the bottom mare line going back to the earliest of Sellman’s breeding.

The sire of Genou Rosita Margarita is Triple S Red Cedar sired by Triple S Red Major sired by Blackwood Correll by Red Correll. Blackwood Correll was a big black horse bred by Wallace Mills of Northwest Nebraska. Red Correll was foaled in 1940 in Iowa and was by Will Rogers, Old Midwest Family. His dam was Kate Smith, another Elmer Brown mare by Romanesque and out of Bird L. by Linsley. Blackwood Correll was out of Lady Rockwood, bred by Ogala Community High School Pine Ridge Agency, SD. She was by Shenandoah Red, by Red Correll, and out the Midwest bred Shenandoah Queen. Lady Rockwood was out of May Rockwood, another Elmer Brown mare by Rockwood and out of May Hudson.

The dam of Triple S Red major is Cherrie, bred by J C Jackson of Montana. She was by Major R. M., and excellent horse in his own right but also the sire of many good ones. He was bred by Elmer Brown and was by Romanesque and out of Dorothy D. H. who was by Dude Hudson and out of Daisy L. by Linsley. The dam of Cherrie was Cherye, also bred by J. C. Jackson and by Delbert who was a product of the US Range Livestock Experiment Station in Miles City Montana. He was by the Government bred Revere and out of the Sellman mare Alibirdie. Photos of him show a handsome, using Morgan who would please the ranchers. The dam of Cherye was Chiretta, also bred by J C Jackson. Her parents were registered Morgans who had much trotting blood also, both being bred in Missouri.

The dam of Triple S Red Cedar was Triple S Goldusty by Mar-Lo’s Colonel Hamtramck, bred by The Dugans of Michigan. His dam was the Government Farm Cyclamen and his sire was the handsome Verran’s Laddie, who sired a few very good ones in Michigan and was bred by Alexander Ruthven who brought his sire Lippitt Moro Ash to Michigan. His dam was Ruthven’s Polly Ann, bred in Vermont and sired by the Government Rajah and out of the Old Vermont mare Albena.

The dam of Triple S Goldusty was Lucie by Silverton Morgan. Lucie was bred in Montana and her dam was Iyoksica, bred by the Pine Ridge Indian Agency, sired by Highland Glen (old Montana breeding) and out of Beauty Panic (pure Old Midwest). Silverton Morgan was very typey and correct. Bred in Montana his dam was Iyoksica and his sire Morgan Gold, who was by Red Correll. Morgan Gold was out of Luellen, another LU Sheep Co. mare by Night Tide.

 The pedigree of Genou Rosita Margarita brings in more of the California branch of the Western Working Family, along with some more Government bred stallions, more of the good Old Midwest Blood and some Western Working family from Montana’s early days.

TK Whiskey Kitten has a valuable pedigree for today’s breeders, bringing very old blood up close in this century. There is a heritage of tough horses who were not pampered pets but range horses surviving on their own in harsh conditions. They were bred to work while maintaining the old Morgan looks and abilities.

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