Bucksnort’s Silver Smoke

2004 Stallion

Sire - BuckSnort's Silver Eagle, 2002 Black Stallion

            Silver Eagle is sired by Bessia’s Black Eagle [see his section] and is out of Coalie A Streak FD, a black 1988 mare sired by Sharthunder [see him in Bessia’s Black Eagle’s section].

The dam of Coalie A Streak FD is Westcrest Bunny, 1963 ch. mare. The Westcrest prefix was used by R. G. Morgareidge of Casper Wyoming who bred many good Morgans in the 1960’s. At this point in time, there is no information on him but from the large number of horses he bred each year of that decade, it can be guessed that his horses were all turned out on the range and were raised as ranch horses. The sire of Bunny was Westcrest Silver (born 1960), bred by Ramul Dvarishkis, a long time ranch breeder of some very good Morgans. Silver had 112 registered get, many for Westcrest, many for his other owners, and some from visiting mares. Both of Silver’s parents came from the L. U. Sheep Co. ranch of Wyoming and they bring that excellent heritage of Brunk and Elmer Brown. Silver’s sire was Jubilee’s Quicksilver, sired by Flying Jubilee who made his fame as Ern Pedler’s horse. Ern was a master storyteller and wrote of his adventures hunting mustangs in the rough Utah desert mountains. A cover of The Morgan Horse magazine in the 1950’s or 1960’s showed Ern & Flying Jubilee jumping a very large downed tree in the mountains at 7000’ elevation. Flying Jubilee also sired many good using horses in Utah and for the LU Sheep Co. He was sired by Flyhawk and out of Juvina, a daughter of Jubilee King. Juvina’s dam was by Knox Morgan and out of Mrs. Lewis, a daughter of Charles Reade, that great stallion with the wonderful pedigree. Charles Reade was sired by a full brother to Daniel Lambert and was out of a daughter of Daniel Lambert. Charles Reade gave the Brunk horses trotting speed and toughness. The dam of Juvina was out of a daughter of Sentiment, who was by Major Reade (Charles Reade x Jubilee de Jarnette daughter) and out of Senata (old Vermont blood), that great foundation dam of the Brunk horses. Thus Juvina brought to Flying Jubilee a true heritage of Morgan type, toughness, sense and baroque style.

            Jubilee’s Quicksilver was out of Ailsa, by Senator Graham who was by the good Brunk bred Senator Knox (Knox Morgan x Senata) and out of Fanita. Fanita was by the Government bred Tiffany (Mansfield x Klyona) and out of Benita (Knox Morgan x Ben’s Daisy). Ailsa was out of Sox, who was by Linspar (Linsley x Sparbelle—Elmer Brown’s breeding) and out of a Flyhawk daughter. Sox was typical of the early L U Sheep Co breeding—they bred their mares to Linspar, then bred those daughters to Flyhawk. A photo from the ranch shows the two stallions, Flyhawk and Linspar wintering together in the same corral.

The dam of Westcrest Silver was Mountain Queen, another LU Sheep mare. She was by Plains King, bred in Kansas and from Elmer Brown breeding, whose sire was the large, solid, tough Romanesque, bred by Richard Sellman of Texas. Romanesque was by Red Oak and out of a Headlight Morgan daughter with The Admiral (by Jubilee de Jarnette) as sire of the second dam. Plains King was out of Ella Linsley, daughter of Linsley and Lemax (Old Midwest Family & a cross to Headlight Morgan).

Westcrest Silver carries an intense heritage of Brunk breeding along with that of Elmer Brown. All were being bred to be true working Morgans.

The dam of Westcrest Bunny was Scarlett Mite, 1957 mare bred by Ramul Dvarishkis. Her sire was Jubilee’s Quicksilver, making her a half sibling to Westcrest Silver so that Westcrest Bunny was the result of breeding half siblings. Scarlett Mite’s dam was Copperflame Girl. Copperflame Girl was also bred by Dvarishkis and she was by Prince Dandy and out of Mountain Queen. Prince Dandy was bred by Eddie Dvarishkis, and owned by Ramul Dvarishkis. His sire was King De Jarnette (seen behind some of the LU Sheep Co. horses). His dam was Box K Scarlett, a 1942 mare bred by Antlers Ranch of Wyoming. Her sire was Plains King and her dam was Syble, an unregistered mare by Night Tide and the second dam was Jane, also unregistered, but sired by Flyhawk. This was all the same horses that LU Sheep Co. used. One can assume that the Antlers Ranch and LU Sheep Co. were neighbors as other Antler Ranch horses were also from the LU Ranch breeding. This entire line comes from ranches that mostly ignored the mares; they were left to fend for themselves on the range so only the tough ones survived.

            The dam of Copperflame Girl was Mountain Queen, an LU Sheep Co. mare sired by Plains King and out of Spruce, by Flyhawk, out of Sox who was by Linspar and out of a Flyhawk daughter. The same horses keep appearing in the pedigree of Scarlett Mite. And they are the same horses behind Westcrest Silver, so that Westcrest Bunny was very much the product of close breeding and breeding done by ranchers who wanted the best of using horses and who had the mares and young stock living under natural conditions.

It is interesting to look at the pedigree of Bucksnort’s Silver Eagle (sire of Bucksnort’s Silver Smoke) as a whole. There is much of the old Brunk breeding throughout, with many of the horses repeated over and over. There is close breeding in each generation, giving genetic strength. Both of Silver Eagle’s parents were by Sharthunder, who is a blend of ranch breeding with plenty of Brunk combined with the old Midwest family found behind Triple S Ebonella. Of course, the Old Midwest Family is also behind Flyhawk, from his sire Go Hawk. Behind Tetonia Rosa JJ, there is the very stylish and Baroque breeding of the Sereno horses. Thus, the pedigree is one of solid working Morgans.

Dam of Bucksnort’s Silver Smoke--Truwest Smokey Montina
Truwest is the prefix of the Blankenship family of eastern Montana. They have been ranchers in this beautiful but rugged country for generations. They are breeding for working ranch horses, carrying on the tradition of ranching Morgan breeders started early in the previous century. Mares and young stock run the range, having space to grow and develop. Only the best ones are chosen to breed on.

The sire of Smokey Montina is Truwest Pure Prairie Smoke, sired by H-Saracen and out of PureD Powder. H-Saracen (spoken as H Bar Saracen) was a 1974 smoky black stallion bred by George Cross & Son of Wyoming, a long time ranching and Morgan breeding family. Their first horses had no prefix but later they used the H- (H Bar) prefix. Saracen was a big, ruggedly handsome horse with sweet temperament. His nickname was Scary—because of his sweet temperament & easy ways. His life was not always the easiest but at the end he had a wonderful life, loved and carefully cared for, with Nancy Nard, Ragtime Morgans of north Arizona. He sired foals in his image. He brings the heritage of the Cross Ranch—tough using horses with good minds. These horses seemed to be of two looks with some very typey in the old baroque Morgan style and others lacking type but still having correct using conformation. Saracen was of the former and passed that on.

The sire of Saracen was the infamous Chingadero, registered as a white horse but actually a perlino. He sired 137 registered get, of which Saracen was the last one. Chingadero, whose name in Spanish is a slang word which is not complementary (one has to wonder if the Crosses knew this or, since they were not in an area with any Hispanic heritage, did they just like the word and not know its meaning), was another big, upstanding handsome Morgan and is a major source of colorfuls in the breed today. He died from a broken leg which happened when he fell on the ice of the frozen Du Noir River one winter. The stallion Warhawk (Flyhawk x Sentola) is a major force in his pedigree. Chingadero’s sire, Ketchum is a double grandson of Warhawk and Chingadero’s dam is also by Warhawk. Warhawk was a big, black, upheaded stallion who sired many good ones for the Cross Ranch and later in the Midwest. He was known not only for his handsome Morgan style but for his friendly, curious, sensible temperament. He would get himself out of his pasture and corral on a regular basis and go visit the neighborhood.

It is worth taking a closer look at the mares behind Chingadero. The sire of Ketchum was Joe Lewis (He had only the one foal before being gelded. By such twists of fate does the Morgan breed find some of its most influential lines.) out of Homely Girl, an unregistered mare. In the registry volume she was listed as dark brown, but it is now known that she was a dark buckskin, foaled in June of 1941 and bred by George A Cross. Her sire was the Brunk stallion Glider, sired by Jubilee King and out of Gizea by Go Hawk and out of the great producing mare Liza Jane. Homely Girl had only the one registered foal and that story is lost to time. Her dam was Strip, also bred by George Cross, whose sire was Imperial, a seal brown, foaled 1912, bred in Amboy Ill, got by Admiral George Dewey (also bred in Amboy Ill. and got by The Admiral—sired by Jubilee de Jarnette & out of Morrill Queen—who later went to Richard Sellman to form an important part of his breeding program) and dam Duchess by Meteor Jr. 4458. Imperial was sold to the Indian Agency of Fort Washakie Wyo. The third dam of Joe Lewis was Red Cross Nurse, foaled 1925, bred by George Cross and sired by Taters, said to be part Morgan. She might have been a red dun, registered as sorrel. It can be seen that George Cross very early on decided to breed Morgans and sought out stallions of that breed to take his mares to, later on purchasing his own stallions by first getting Glider from J C Brunk and later Warhawk.

The dam of Ketchum was Du Noir Strip. She was foaled in 1946, bred by George Cross and Son. Her sire was Glider. Her dam was the unregistered Strip, foaled 1939, bred by George Cross, and sired by Imperial. Strip’s dam was Red Cross Nurse by Taters. Chingadero’s dam was Haager, sired by Warhawk and out of Yellow Girl. Yellow Girl was a lovely true Morgan mare of depth and substance. She had 17 registered get, first for the Cross Ranch and later for owners in the Midwest. She has left a lasting heritage of beauty and gold color. Her sire was Glider and her dam was Buck, a buckskin foaled in 1930, bred by Cross and sired by Imperial. Buck’s dam was Nellie, sired by Taters, and out of Topsy owned by Edith Cross.

The dam of H-Saracen was Teal Eye, another Cross Ranch mare with 15 registered produce. Her sire was Warhawk and her dam, Secora, was by Glider and out of Dora by Imperial. Dora was an unregistered mare foaled in 1929, bred by George Cross. Her dam was Miss Helm, bred by George Cross sired by a trotting bred sire owned by John Helm. It can be seen that the Cross Ranch had a long legacy of breeding working Morgans using the very best Morgan stallions that they could find. The level of close breeding was high and it worked very well. Abe Cross was the son and in the 1950’s he would write for the Morgan Horse Magazine  telling of their ranch Morgans. They not only used their horses for ranch work (one famous photo shows Warhawk with a roped calf and no one was on the horse—he knew his job) but for pack trips into the rough and high Wind River Range of mountains.


The dam of Truwest Pure Prairie Smoke was Pure D Powder bred by Roberta Blankenship. This 1988 mare has a pedigree that is ¾ Western Working Family and the topline ¼ is Old Vermont with a touch of Government. Her sire is Triton Dallas sired by Lippitt Pecos. Lippitt Pecos was a small, very typey, deep bodied, and handsome sire of many good Morgans for Robert Morgan’s Triton prefix. He was shown English Pleasure and did well in that endeavor. Much later, it became apparent that any of his grandget who went into the western working aspects, such as reining or ranch work, did very well with those. His sire was the great Pecos, that handsome typey and correct stallion who also had the strong mind of the Bulrush horses which he received from his sire Cornwallis, another strong minded horse who lived up to that Bulrush heritage. Both Cornwallis and Pecos were upheaded in the classic Morgan mode but both had somewhat long backs. Lippitt Pecos did not get that last trait. Cornwallis was all old Vermont lines and is considered to be a Lippitt by The Lippitt Club. The dam of Pecos was Hepatica by Monterey (Mansfield x Scotanna) and out of Isis by Claremont (Lambertus by Daniel Lambert). The dam of Isis was by Ethan Allan 1550. This brings some different old blood forward. Pecos remains even today the ideal Morgan for many. Lippitt  Tilly was bred by Robert L Knight on his Lippitt Farm and is inbred to Ashbrook, Knight’s founding sire. She is also the dam of one of the horses who played Figure in the Disney movie.

Triton Dallas was out of SR’s Dutchess sired by Dickie’s Pride and out of Princess Sonfield. The palomino Dickie’s Pride was versatile, handsome and was sired by Flying Jubilee, seen elsewhere in the pedigree of Silver Smoke. Dickie’s Pride’s dam was another LU Sheep Co mare, Dawn Mist, sired by the Government bred Fillmore (Mansfield x Narissa) and out of Quita by Highview King. Quita’s dam, Luxury, was by Night Tide (Tiffany x Glenalla) and out of a Linsley and Flyhawk granddaughter. The SR prefix was that of Steve Reeves (famous for playing Hercules in the movies). His breeding program had some good Old California mares and he bred some good solid horses in the working ranch mode. The dam of Dutchess was Princess Sonfield, sired by Sonfield and out of a Hearst Ranch Morab (sired by Sabab and out of a Querido x Sellman mare who was a full sister to Tehachapi Allan).

The dam of Pure D Powder was Flee Powder who was sired by Fleefield, a Jackson Ranch of Wyoming horse. He was by Fleetfield, the Government bred stallion who went west at the dispersal of the Gov’t program (his full brother was Trophy who stayed back east to become a showring park horse, & to sire more of the same who were known for their natural park action and toughness). Fleefield was out of the Jackson Ranch mare Felicity, who had 19 produce. She was by the nearly 16 hand Ken Carmen, the Brunk bred son of Jubilee King. Felicity was out of Eleeta who was by Delbert, bred by the Miles City Remount. He was by Revere and out of a Sellman mare. Eleeta was out of Etta by the intense Daniel Lambert stallion Chief Bugler, and out of a Montana bred mare who had some good Daniel Lambert blood behind her, including two crosses to Charles Reade through her dam.

The dam of Flee Powderwing was Lovely Paintbrush (no doubt named for the wild flower) who was by Warhawk and out of Twin Creek Beauty. Twin Creek Beauty had 15 produce (those old range mares were tough!) and was another LU Sheep Co mare being by Townshend Gaymeade and out of Sumac. Townshend Gaymeade was bred in the east but early on went west. He is somewhat controversial being known for a bad temperament but a close reading of his life would indicate that his temperament was human made with some less then savvy handling all along. His sire Meade was known as a difficult horse however. Meade was Government farm bred, sired by Goldfield and out of Glady, a mare with some good old Vermont blood and true Morgan type. Gaymeade’s dam was by Gay Mac, another Government horse who later went to California to sire some good WWF members there. The second dam was Ulyselba of mostly old Vermont blood. The dam of Twin Creek Beauty was Sumac, by Fillmore and out of Mallow by Linspar (Linsley x Sparbelle) and out of Larkspur by Flyhawk.


The dam of Truwest Smokey Montina is Liz’s Little Tina by Liz’s Blackjack and out of Bessia’s Dominique. The Liz’s prefix is used by the McFall family of Montana. Blackjack’s sire is Mortana Cyclone. Mortana is the prefix used by the later generations of the Jackson Ranch. Cyclone’s sire is Senatefield by Fleetfield (Mentor x Norma). Senatefield is out of Parka, LU Sheep Co. mare, by Senator Graham and out of Lupine (Plains King x Mallow—Linspar by Larkspur by Flyhawk). Flashy Kate is the dam of Cyclone and she is by Red Flash and out of Katelina by Chief Bugler. Red Flash is old California breeding based purely on Richard Sellman’s work. Red Flash carried a rare sire line to Bulrush, son of Figure.

The dam of Blackjack was Croixcrest Fox Trot who brings in some different old working blood. Her sire is Funquest Consuelo, handsome and typey stallion who was so popular in the upper Midwest, doing well in the showring and breeding shed both as well as being family friend. His sire was Funquest Falcon, sire of ever so many for Stuart Hazard’s Funquest program of Kansas. Falcon was by The Brown Falcon, sired by Flyhawk and out of Allan’s Fancy L (Tehachapi Allan x Maggy Linsley—by Linsley). The Brown Falcon had 137 get, mostly for Funquest. He was a short, solid horse, allowed to run fat in later years which made him look stumpy in some photos. But in his prime he was handsome. Funquest Falcon was out of Dot S Bell Ann, another Kansas mare coming from an early ranch program there. Her sire was Leon Silver by Loren Bell by Tehachapi Allan. Loren Bell’s dam was Lisabelle, another great Elmer Brown mare by Linsley and out of Donbelle. Leon Silver was out of Mary R M, more of Elmer Brown’s breeding, she being by Linsley and out of Maggy Linsley (Linsley by May Hudson—Dude Hudson x Hazel S, by Headlight Morgan). Dot S Bell Ann was out of Dot S Dolly by Powerful by Chocolate. Both of those stallions were working ranch horses as well as sires. Chocolate was by Linsley and out of Lady Spar (Sparhawk x May Hudson). The dam of Powerful was Gold Pilot, from yet another Kansas ranch. Her sire was by Hal Mercury Jr., seen behind some of the Montana horses elsewhere in Silver Smoke’s pedigree. Her dam brings down the rare line to Golddust. The dam of Dot S Dolly was Bar S Mary, another of the Kansas ranch programs, and sired by Tehachapi Allan and out of Mary R M. Thus Dot S Bell Ann had a high degree of close breeding throughout her pedigree.

The dam of Funquest Consuelo was Black Patch, by Flyhawk’s Black Star and out of Lady Patch. Black Star was by Flyhawk and out of Allan’s Star (Tehachapi Allan x Jane L, by  Linsley). Lady Patch was by Colonel Patch (Querido--also sire of Tehachapi Allan-- x Hemala by Headlight Morgan). Lady Patch was out of Jane L. Black Star was another of the Stuart Hazard bred Morgans, typey and correct and good using horses. His program was based on mares who came from Kansas ranches with some mares from the Chilocco School of Oklahoma. His mares lived on the range as did their ancestors, cared for but not pampered. Most of his breeding mares had numerous foals, as did many of their female ancestors. The Kansas Morgans go back to the program of Elmer Brown, one of the finest breeders this breed has had.

The dam of Fox Trot was Topango, sired by Durango by Cinnamon King by Red Clover by King Mick by McAllister by Jubilee King. McAllister was out of Mrs. Lewis by Charles Reade, whom J C Brunk used for trotting speed and rugged Morgan type. King Mick was out of Jeanne who was double Charles Reade being by Knox Reade out of Mrs. Lewis. Jeanne was out of a daughter of Sentiment who was a grandson of Charles Reade. King Mick was a noted roadster horse, as one would expect. Red Clover was out of Dennette by Tiffany and out of Daisette, dam of Jubilee King. Again one can see the close breeding used by J C Brunk. The dam of Cinnamon King was Cinnamon Queen who was by Cinnamon Lad by Plains King and out of Allana (Allen King, brother to Jubilee King’s sire, x Ruby Reade, by Charles Reade). Cinnamon Queen’s dam was Illawana Bess by Ken Carmen, also found behind the Jackson Ranch Morgans. Bess’s dam, Gosette was by Go Hawk and out of Daisette. All the mares in the pedigree of Durango had numerous produce who went on to become important breeding animals. Brunk was indeed a breeder of Morgans who went on to become foundations for other breeders.

The dam of Durango was Bonnie Flash who brings even more Brunk. She was by Whimpy by Jubilee King. Whimpy was out of Gi-Za-Ne by Go Hawk and out of that great mare Liza Jane. Bonnie Flash was out of Bonnie Jarnette by Glendale by Pongee Morgan (who later went to Roland Hill and sired some good mares there). Pongee Morgan was by Allen King. Penala, the dam of Glendale, was by Penrod, full brother to Allen King. Both Pongee Morgan and Penala were out of Galva, who goes to the Herod line on top, the same as behind Go Hawk, and then has Chetco (Daniel Lambert descent) on the mare line. Bonnie Jarnette, dam of Bonnie Flash, was by King De Jarnette sired by Jubilee King, and out of Deura (Senator Knox x Penala). And yes, one can get dizzy looking at these pedigrees!

The dam of Topango was Kevin Top by Major RM (Romanesque x Dorothy DH—Dude Hudson x Linsley dau.). Kevin Top was out of Queen Topsy by Chief Bugler.


Liz’s Little Tina (dam of Truwest Smokey Montina) was out of Bessia’s Dominique who was by Teton Royal Raven. Teton Royal Raven was by Wyoming Flyhawk and out of Tetonia Royalty by Easter Vermont (Red Vermont x Nona). Red Vermont was an upstanding, handsome, correct baroque horse of pure Brunk breeding. Nona was excellent Western Working Family with much of the old Morrill lines. Easter Vermont was handsome, correct, and sweet tempered and an excellent sire. Royalty was out of Tetonia Royal Ann by Hylee’s Heir. A photo of Hylee’s Heir showed him standing freely and unconcerned with Myrtle Neeley’ husband sitting underneath the horse. Heir had an excellent temperament and stylish old Morgan looks. Hylee’s Heir was by Torchfire by Senator Graham (Senator Knox x Fanita). Torchfire was out of that excellent producing mare Jubilee Joy (Flyhawk x Sentola). Hylee’s Heir was out of Illawana Marie by Cherokee Gilmore by Highview King by King De Jarnette. Cherokee Gilmore was out of the LU Sheep mare, Mallow. Illawana Marie was out of Illawana Lady by Captain Red by Juban (Jubilee King x Jeanne). Captain Red, a handsome and well tempered horse who had been taught many tricks, was out of Gizea (Go Hawk x Liza Jane). Illawana Lady was out of Illawana Ruby by Hiro (Tiffany x Deura) and out of Nala (Go Hawk x Penala). Notice how the same horses continue to repeat over and over again.

The dam of Tetonia Royal Ann was Sandy Lake sired by Stetson, also sire of Domino Joe. Sandy Lake was out of Miss Lightfoot by Jubilee’s Quicksilver, also seen elsewhere in the pedigree of Silver Smoke. Miss Lightfoot was out of Glogold by Prince Dandy (King De Jarnette x Plains King dau.). Glogold was out of Ann Royal by Raragraph (Jubilee King x Nella—Allen King x Liza Jane). Ann Royal was out of Sentola. Yet again, this is another place in Silver Smoke’s pedigree with intense Brunk breeding.

Besia’s Dominique was out of Mortana Racquel by Senatefield and out of Mortana Starie by Broadwall Donman by Orcland Dondarling (Ulendon x Anna Darling). Donman was out of that excellent producing mare Mansphyllis (Mansfield x Paragraph—Jubilee King x Nella). Starie was out of Julee Star by Red Flash and out of Juleena  (Fleetfield x Katelina—Chief Bugler).


The pedigree of Bucksnort’s Silver Smoke is one filled with close breeding throughout done by breeders who bred Morgans for tough working conditions. In every part there is excellent old Brunk breeding with the close breeding perfected by that master breeder, J C Brunk. There is also a good dose of the breeding done by that other master breeder, Elmer Brown of Kansas, and a bit further back is the result of the breeding program of the other member of the master breeder triad, Richard Sellman of Texas. Horses close up in the pedigree have been raised on range conditions and chosen as the best to carry on the legacy of the ancient Morgans of Vermont.

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