Stable and Soil Grids
Stall flooring, trailer flooring, paddock system and soil stabilizer

Without S&S Grids, arenas, paddocks and training areas require constant work, time and expenditure.  S&S Grids stabilize the sub soils, provide drainage and prevents the chosen surface material (e.g. sand) from mixing with and dissipating into the sub soils. 

Without the S&S Grids system, horse areas become muddy, rutted and more susceptible to causing injury to horses and riders. 
In trailers, S&S Grids provide a cushioned ride for your horse with superior footing, less leg and joint fatigue.

The bedding will stay dryer, drastically reducing splash when horses urinate, with or without bedding.

Unlike mats, S&S Grids are easy and light to remove and clean.  Also, the floor, whether it is wood or aluminum, will dry out faster and last longer.  With S&S Grids, geldings and stallions will be able to urinate easier because of better traction and reduced splash.

S&S Grids stabilize the sub soils, prevents the chosen surface material (e.g. sand)  from mixing with and dissipating into the sub soils.

Dieter Riedel - President of a riding club. "We decided to install the S&S Grids system due to its reputation for reliable and durable quality. As we planned to create new usable areas with the assistance of club members, it was important that the system selected was easy to install and we found that the light weight enabled all members including children to assist. We were also influenced by the excellent interlocking system of S&S Grids."
  •  A long lasting durable system.
  •  Light-weight and easy to install. Weighs only 1.6 lbs per panel.
  •  Excellent percolation eliminates standing water.
  •  Honeycomb structure provides excellent stability.
  •  Easy to install by club members of all ages without special knowledge thereby minimizing installation costs.
  •  Harmless to the environment, non polluting, made of 100% recycled polyethylene. 
  •  Weather resistant.
  •  Prevents mixing of top surface with sub

Stall Applications of S&S Grids

  •  Replaces heavy rubber mats
  •  Cuts down on maintenance
  •  Give better, cushioned footing for the horse
  •  Arenas
  •  Access Roads
  •  Sand Paddocks
  •  Race Tracks
  •  Training Areas
  •  Jump Areas
  •  Stalls
  •  Turnouts

Technical Data

  •  Unit Size   15" x 20" x 1 3/4"
  •  2.1 sq ft per grid 
  •  Weight  2.4 lbs 
  •  Material 97% recycled
  •  Color Black 

S&S Grids Stall Flooring

The S&S Grids are honeycomb shaped matting products. When assembled on your stall floor and filled with clean stone , the system creates a porous foundation to support your bedding material. The S&S Grids system helps promote surface drainage and resist the horse's pawing action. 

S&S Grids stall flooring is a cost effective, easy to install permanent stall floor. It works wonderfully with all stall floors and is an excellent solution for stall floor problems in existing barns. 

S&S Grids features
  • Molded of environmentally safe recycled polyethylene plastic. 
  • Molded bottom cleats provide stability during installation. 
  • Ample drainage ports improve surface drainage. 

S&S Grids  Benefits

  • Extends bedding life by allowing moisture to drain away from the bedding layer. 
  • Honeycomb cell structure resists the horse's pawing action, thus eliminating holes.
  • Permanent installation. System does not need to be repositioned or removed for cleaning. 
  • Virtually maintenance free emi-ridgid design makes the honeycomb structure flexible and resilient, but capable of withstanding compressive loads in excess of 33,000 lbs. per square foot. 
  • Light weight modular design and superior overlapping joint system makes for a quick and easy installation. Each S&S Grid weighs less than 2 pounds. 

S&S Grids stall flooring is very easy to install.

Just 4 simple steps.

An Installation video is available upon request 

Step #1: Lay Drainage Material, such as crushed Granite, or clean, crushed limestone or river gravel.

Step #2: Lay S&S Grids.

Step #3: Add additional Drainage Material.

Step #4: Add your desired bedding and your done!!


The Ideal soil Stabilization system for arenas and paddocks

S&S Grids are modular matting products engineered specifically for the equestrian industry. It is key to our footing stabilization system for arenas, training areas and paddocks. This system creates a stable, porous base for your footing material by combining the soil strength of a stone aggregate base with the stabilizing characteristics of a stone filled S&S Grids layer. The system increases soil stability and enhances footing drainage. S&S Grids are the ideal solution for improving muddy, rutted soil conditions around gates, along fence rows and barn access areas, S&S Grids' unique system design allows for year round utilization and enjoyment of your riding and training facilities. 

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