Bessia's Black Eagle (Sire of both horses)

This picture shows his color well.
I pulled his forelock to the side so that you could see his nice head.
Rose was done with work early today so we went out in the pasture and took
a few pictures. We are not very good at taking pictures of horses.
This is Dusty a coming three year old. He does have much better looking hips than these
pictures show. Must have been wrong angle. Do know that we have taken lots of pictures of
a horse and the horse never looks as good so we took the horse to a professional horse photographer.
Her pictures looked like another horse and looked like him.
Just a little angle makes a big difference in horse pictures.
Also we did not have time to clean up the horses.
It is mud season here. The barn yard is a mess like it is every spring.

Shows his nice head again. The camera angle is bad in that it makes his hips
shorter than they are.

This picture shows that his neck comes of high in the chest. Plus his nice calm attitude.
You can see that his low elbow shows that he has an open shoulder.
Look at his nice long main and kind eyes.
I pulled his forelock to the side so that you could see his nice head.
Also you can see that his neck comes out high on his chest.
In the next few pictures I ask him to calmly lower his head.
You can see how soft and respectful he is.

His gas kin shows good muscle in this picture and the one below.
I look so cute when looking into the sun.

Good shot of skin head reflection.
Also shows the kind look that Dusty has.
Nice tale.
Shows his good hind leg and nice wide hip.
Good muscle on lower hip.
Coming two year old filly BuckSnort's Tao.
Hard to take pictures in the pasture.
Shows her kindness.
No I do not always have such a stupid look on my face!
Well sometimes it is worse.
Nice chest and wide between the ears.
Easy to handle.
Shows her nice head and top line.
Notice neck comes off high on the chest.
Short on top and long underneath.

Nice minded filly.
Good reflection off my skin head.