Bessia's Black Eagle's Progeny
Reference photos of Bessia's Black Eagle
Note:  These are horses Bessia's Black Eagle has sired.  We do not necessarily own them, nor are they necessarily for sale.
BuckSnort's Domino Jack
BuckSnort's Charley Boy
BuckSnort's Shadowhawk
This colt (unnamed) was sired by Bessia's Black Eagle out of River Ridge Reba.  This picture was taken May 8, 1999.  He is about 3 days old here.  He is owned by Wendell Zwart 736  Cty Rd 13, Pine Island, MN 55964.  If you want to talk to Wendell about this colt or other stock he has for sale, please feel free to give him a call at (507)356-8480.  He breeds Tennessee Walkers and Morgans.
Bessia's Black Eagle x River Ridge Reba
BuckSnort's Miss Dun Boots
This is BuckSnort's Dandy Andy (Tracks).  He was born on 12/3/99 out of BuckSnort Morgan's broodmare B. Hawk Justanne.

This picture was taken when he was 4 months old. 

This colt was sired by Bessia's Black Eagle out of Glick's Irish Breeze.  The picture was taken on 4/15/2000.  The colt is 1 day old.  He is owned by Barbara Byrd.  Black Eagle's first 2000 baby!
This is BuckSnort's Western Red.  He is out of Bucksnort Morgan's broodmare Ranches A&F Sioux.  He was born 5/11/00.  This picture was taken when he was a week old. 
BuckSnort's Black Rosina
This filly was sired by Bessia's Black Eagle.  The mare is 3/4ths morgan and 1/4 Arab.  This picture was taken the day the filly was born (5/24/00).  She is owned by Coy Black.
Here is another 2000 baby! This colt was sired by Bessia's Black Eagle out of  a Morgan mare (Contessa) owned by Carol Morgan.

He  has an excellent temperament.  Carol says "I have never seen him do one mean thing, always right up there to say hello, never spooks at anything.  Just a thoroughly nice colt.

He is 1 month old here. 

Here is another 2000 baby, sired by Bessia's Black Eagle, and out of TLC Morning Star Mandy. 
BuckSnort's Black Zolamae
BuckSnort's Dusky Rosebud
BuckSnort's Black Zeb
(Ranches A&F Sioux x Bessia's Black Eagle)

Zeb was born 4/20/2002. 

BuckSnort's Silver Eagle
Homozygous Black
BuckSnort's Fancy Lady x Bessia's Black Eagle
Born 5/14/2002.
She is half Morgan and half Spotted Saddle horse.
Jody x Bessia's Black Eagle
Born 09/28/2002.

This foal's dam is a registered Appaloosa. 

BuckSnort's Peggy Sioux
Chestnut Filly

BuckSnort's Sharhawk 
Homozygous Black Stallion
BuckSnort's Sweet Violet
Homozygous Black Filly
BuckSnort's Scooter 
Chestnut, Stallion
BuckSnort's Black Beaver
Black Stallion
Chestnut Stallion (Dam Arab)
(Owned by Zack Davis)
BuckSnort's Red Jake
Chestnut Stallion
BuckSnort's Gliding Arrow
2005 Black Stallion

2006 Filly / Arab mare (unregistered)
BuckSnort's Shar Apache
2006 Bay Stallion

BuckSnort's Snoopy Liz
2006 Chestnut Filly

BuckSnort's Montana Hawk (Coty)
2006 Black Stallion
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BuckSnort's Flying Alex
2006 Bay Stallion

BuckSnort's Casey Jones
2006 Bay Stallion

BuckSnort's Flying Dusty
2006 Bay Stallion

BuckSnort's Gliding Lance
2007 Black Stallion

BuckSnort's Fantastic Tao
2007 Black Filly

BuckSnorts Bodacious Babs
2007 Black Filly

BuckSnort's King Arthur
2007 Bay Stallion
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BuckSnort's Jazzy Boy
2007 Black Stallion
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